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Digital Campaign


March Month-End Madness

Campaign Goal:

A direct sales campaign to generate leads and get conversions for the client.

Target Audience:

Age-Group - 20-30
Fitness inclined young adults

Sales Offer:

25% Flat Discount

Collaterals Created

Landing Page

fitato website

Push Notification

fitato offer push notification


fitato offer story

In-App Notification

fitato offer in-app notification


fitato offer mailer

Facebook Story

fitato offer facebook story

Target Achieved

Conversation rate: 50% of the leads for the month.
Revenue targets crossed.



About Workship

Workship is a recruitment platform that connects job prospects to companies and job opportunities that match their profile and expectations. It is a technologically assisted platform that allows candidate screening for technical jobs to adequately match them to jobs they deserve.


The logo is a minimalist approach on the word: Workship. The play is on the last two letters where the serif of "i" and "p" are connected symbolising the bond of friendship that Workship stands for. The letter P also plays the role of a job seeker where the curve of "P" is the backpack full of talent that the job seeker brings in for the company. So the logo in total works for the companies that tie up with Workship as well as the job seekers who use Workship as a portal.

Colour Palette



Primary - Libre Baskerville

Secondary - InterUI

Website Design

workship website design

workship visiting cardworkship stickerworkship print
workship apparel menworkship apparel women

Video Creation


Event Marketing


What Are Fitato Exclusive Events?

Fitato Exclusive Events are fitness events hosted and organised by Fitato for the Fitato community.

Marketing Goals

  • To brand Fitato Exclusives as a key benefit of the Fitato Pass.
  • Conversions for the Fitato Pass.
  • To promote the idea of Fitato Community.

Creative Thought

To portray every event as an exceptional activity through informative and intriguing copy and eye-catching design.

Success Measures

  • More than 150 events branded under Fitato Exclusives.
  • Average event participation increased by 75%.
fitato futsalfitato fitness fiesta

UI Design


About Fitato

Fitato is a fitness brand that allows customers to access multiple fitness facilities with a single pass and enjoy fitness activities that are unconventional and fun-filled. Its product is the Fitato Membership or the Fitato Pass and USP is the Fitato Exclusive Events.

Website UI


fitato home page

Corporate Wellness

fitato corporate page

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