We are your
plug-n-play growth team

Our goal is to help clients win! Think of us as your own marketing team who can take care of your complete marketing gamut.

With decades of experience and channel specific expertise, we help you craft the right strategy and execute it with operational excellence for stellar results!

How we work

Our team has been working with fast paced startups since the beginning. We’re biased towards action and believe that building iteratively is the only way to succeed. Here’s a quick glance on how we work and why you’d enjoy working with us:


Every business has nuances that differentiate and impact which execution frameworks will work best. We make sure that we exactly understand what your business needs (and lacks), thereby designing a tailor-made approach and strategy.


Your digital strategy is incomplete without considering the whole spectrum of channels. For example, your content strategy is tightly coupled with your SEO strategy, and should be treated as such.

Collaborative & Agile

We believe in a collaborative approach where you’re always apprised of your work pipeline. We deliver an iteration every week, building upon feedback and making sure each task gets done in the best possible manner.

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Process Driven

Our processes are created in a way that you never feel like you’re working with an external vendor. We hit the ground running, communicate without lag and aim to deliver more than we promise.

Values that drive us

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Strive for excellence

We like to set a high bar and consistently try to push it

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Own the work

It’s our job to make sure we consistently deliver something we’d be proud of

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Assume the best

We trust the people we work with, be it our team members, clients or vendors

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Output over Ego

We strive to set aside personal egos in order to achieve what’s best for our clients

Meet the team

Aditi Dash

Creative Strategy and Visual Design

Akhilesh Krishnan

Operations, Business and Client Services

Akshat Goyal

Marketing, Strategy and Business Development

Bhuvnesh Joshi

Software, Strategy and Web Development

Darrpana Naik

Creative and Communication Design

Dhruv Shah

Creative, Content Strategy and Writing

Lalit Rastogi

Software, Technology and Web Development

Surbhi Dhawan

Creative, Content Strategy and Editing

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