How To Create a Great Intro Video for Your Business

You are all set to start your new business. Your logo is set, your theme is ready, your website is up and running.

So, what’s next?

Well, it’s time you get an intro video for your brand. Why? Well, don’t you want to hook the customer to your brand?

An intro video could be one of the first things through which the customer interacts with your business. Here’s how you can create the right intro video for your business.

Why Use An Intro Video

Did you know that our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Well, I guess that’s why they say that a picture speaks louder than words.

Simply put, any information becomes easier to process when presented visually, rather than in a textual format.

Let’s lay out a few facts for you:

  • 93% per cent of communication is nonverbal.
  • 60% of people are visual learners.
  • Publishers who use infographics realize an increase in traffic of 12% over those who don’t.

Didn’t you process the above facts faster? That’s because they were represented visually.

Get the drift, right?

What Is An Intro Video

Now that you know why you would want to talk about your brand visually, it’s time to understand what exactly an Intro Video is.

Think of an intro video as a snapshot of your company. It can be as short as 30 seconds and as long as 6 minutes.

Found on the homepage, this video is a way of saying hello to your client. It explains what your business is, what product or service you are providing and why people should take it.

As it is one of the first things that your customers will see, you would want to make sure that not only the video includes the most important points about your business but excites the user.

Steps To Make an Intro Video

If you want to engage your audience, including techniques that can be really helpful such as:

  • introducing your staff members,
  • displaying your business location or telling a story regarding your company, and
  • how you started.

A great intro video should:

  • reflect the company’s personality,
  • inform the audience, and
  • leave them wanting for more.

It is important to get creative to capture the audience’s attention within the first five to ten seconds. Keep in mind that on an average, a video is abandoned by 20% of its viewers within the first ten seconds.

7 Steps to Make an Intro Video

Step 1: Get The Client brief

This is a short summary of what the client expects the video to be about.

This may include information about the company or the services that they provide. It may also have their inputs about how they want the video to come out and also the approach they want you to take for the video.

Step 2: Create A Storyboard

A storyboard is made out of the brief that is provided by the clients. It’s basically a story around which the video will be made.

Step 3: Get Ready With The Audio

Once the storyboard is made, audio is decided upon. The audio is made out of the storyboard. This is basically the narration provided by the clients or made in-house by a team.

Step 4: Create A Visual Storyboard

A visual storyboard is like a collection of snapshots of the screens, which gives out the workflow of the video.

The purpose is to give out a basic idea about how the video will pan out and animations will transition from screen to screen.

Step 5: Head Out For Production

Production is the actual meat of the whole process. After the client’s approval, production of the video begins.

Your idea will now come to life. The process is long and contains work which goes frame by frame.

Animation and motion graphics are applied to each frame and transitions between the screens are made.

Step 6: Get The Iterations

It’s highly unlikely that the first cut of the video will be your final cut.

After the first draft of the video is ready, show it to the clients. Now, it all depends on your client’s satisfaction. The more the satisfaction, the lesser the iterations.

Step 7: Send Out Final Product

Needless to say, all the iterations and the changes for what would feel like a century, you would be ready with the final product.

Give it to the client. Then, relax and let the magic happen 🙂

Skills Required To Create an Intro Video

Understanding Of Storyboard And Brief

Before starting anything, have a clear understanding of the brief given by the client. Then create a story on paper. It’s like you read a book and while reading it, you visualize it.

Knowledge Of Animation And Motion Graphic

Obviously, you need to have the basic knowledge of animation and motion graphics before creating a video to understand actual workflow and find a way to convey a message to the customer easily.

Technical Knowledge

You must have technical knowledge regarding different sizes or video resolutions, the limitations of each type of video size and format.

Sketching Skills For Snaps

It is always an added feather on the cap to have good sketching skills. With those, you would be able to put down your thoughts clearly on the visual storyboard, giving your client a clearer understanding of what you going to create. It saves you a lot of time, and iterations, believe me!

Tools That Will Come Handy

In the end, however promising those online intro video maker software may sound, they cannot match what you can create on your own. So you must be adept with certain software like Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and the list could go on.

In The End

It is your intro video, your work. The amount of detailing and effort you put into it is today your choice. It all boils down to one question though: Was it able to keep your customer hooked to the brand, wanting for more?