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What is enterprise marketing and how can it help you?

As a small business or startup, you have limited funds and bandwidth, the two things that marketing notoriously can eat up. However, without effective marketing, your brand won’t stand out from the competition, and your product or service won’t be noticed by your customers.

Enterprise marketing on the other hand isn’t limited to a marketing team. Using a combination of integrated multi-channel strategies and cross-departmental teams, enterprise marketing can take your marketing campaigns to the next level and drive growth and expansion.

Why Every B2B Marketer Needs This Ebook

There’s enough information online about what marketing messiahs and lead generation legends are doing, but there’s a distinct lack of fundamental knowledge about how you can craft your own B2B playbook, rather than copying existing ones.

This ebook goes over marketing tactics and why they’re important, helping you become a better B2B marketer. You will learn how to identify the right targets for your business, figure out your ideal customer profile and map out purchase journeys. These topics will grant you foresight, and allow you to create your own playbook, one that will take your brand to the next level.

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Some of the topics included in this book are:

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