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A Different Approach: Design Leading The Way

Yuyutsu Systems is a holistic IT system and Admin Service Provider. It primarily delivers office security, internet services and data centres for companies.

The Problem

A major challenge in marketing for IT services digitally is to make a traditional industry look interesting for a digital audience, an unexplored media channel for the industry.

After researching, we realised that there was nothing new in the message we could share about the industry. So, we went for a different approach.

The Visual Approach

A crisp copy complementing an illustrative visual is what we resolved to. Simply put, we let the visuals do the talking.


Don’t let bad internet put a hold on your business

The goal of this concept was not to directly say we provide the best internet services, but to humorously bring to the notice the problem companies face if the internet is down, so it becomes more relatable.

Is managing your data being a problem?

This concept shows how things can get messy when you run out of space. The file storage room is a symbological element to show the digital space where the company can store their data. This is a different approach to indirectly give a solution by placing the onlooker in the problem statement first.

Concerned about your office security?

Taking a direct approach to say we sell security systems seemed too mainstream, so we chose to show the problem with a humorous tone showing unauthorised access and it indirectly created a feeling of the need to solve the issue which in turn Yuyutsu provides.

Worried about the security of your data?

This concept is a representation of digital theft where thieves are openly lifting the company’s confidential files because the files are not secured enough. Which brings Yuyutsu in light to save the day by providing tough security for your data.

Components of Design

Colour: Blaze Orange (#ff6600)

After researching this sector of the market, we came to a conclusion that the competitors had the same cool tech colour palette, and in order to stand out, we chose to go for a warm blaze orange tone. The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. This choice of colour helped us to give this startup a quirky, electric look while keeping it very attractive so that it’s the first thing the customer will lay their eyes on and will remember.

Visuals: Illustration

The companies dealing in services like these always choose to go for a corporate, formal approach which most of the time creates a barrier between the company and the customer as it is less engaging and has a very less brand recall value. We introduced illustrations in our approach to solving this issue. It helped in making the brand Yuyutsu stand out and provided the customer with a very casual, friendly, engaging brand interaction.

Marketing Collaterals

yuyutsu websiteyuyutsu facebook carousel adsyuyutsu linkedin ads
yuyutsu websiteyuyutsu facebook carousel adsyuyutsu linkedin ads


A good dish that lacks presentation often fails to gain appreciation. But a traditional recipe if garnished well is often admired more. So, explore the visual world and design away.

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